About Mentality NZ

An unexpected panic attack on a morning commute took our founder, Hugh Gunson on a London train ride he couldn't get off. But the journey hasn't stopped there...

Uncovering his own hidden battle with mental health came as a shock. After all, Hugh was a Kiwi bloke with a self-confessed 'She’ll Be Right' mentality. After moving home to NZ, he soon realised he wasn’t the only one finding it hard to stay on track – one in five Kiwis experience some form of mental health struggle, a staggering number of which are men.

In 2019, Mentality, our top-notch low-alcohol craft beer brand, was created to support the positive mental health movement in New Zealand; to connect Kiwi blokes, encourage open conversation and remind us all that mental health is a part of normal, everyday life. 

And as a demonstration of putting our money where our mouth is, a portion of all of our profits go to a range of mental health charities and organisations across the country.

Cheers ears!